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Cries From the Dark Side of the Moon

Cries from the Dark Side of the Moon is a poetry collection of passion, pain, and promise. This emotional thriller shares real stories and experiences of black women with a poetic twist. Each story allows the opportunity of self-discovery, connection, and self-reflection. This piece is more than just a Cry from the Dark Side of the Moon; it is the chance for each reader to share their story.

“To the world, it is so hard to define black women. They are magical yet misunderstood, intelligent yet bossy and powerful yet angry. They are meant to be seen not heard and are often misunderstood. Black women are the American dark side of the moon. For those who don’t know the far side of the moon is often referred to as the “dark side”. This side of the Moon is not really the "dark side" it is just the side of the Moon we do not see from Earth. It in fact gets just as much sunlight on it as the side we do see. However, it is fear, unexplored, and misunderstood.”  - Cries from the Dark Side of the Moon