Taking Time to Travel: My Trip to Cancun

Right before the world shut down, I had just scheduled my first solo conference trip to a city I had never been to before —Seattle,Washington.

Little did I know, I and covid had the same travel itinerary. I remember feeling so disappointed. Quickly, that feeling was rapidly multiplied as we transitioned from don’t leave the country, to don’t leave the state, to don’t leave the house, and most days

I found myself stuck with don’t leave the couch.

Travel can be fun and relaxing, but slowly travel began to gain the stigma of the exact opposite. It became stressful and expensive. It also became the reason why your family and friends would give you a swift side-eye because

“how could you ensure safety?”

Long story short. Couldn’t. Still can’t. But without travel, life felt trapped in still motion and stuck in a mundane box. Travel allows for us as humans to create new stories and grow from new experiences. So, I did what any person would do….booked the first flight I could.


I prioritized travel, to prioritize my own peace. Most recently, I traveled to Cancun, Mexico.

It was absolutely stunning.

The weather, the food, the culture, the people, all of that was one hundred percent spectacular. However, the thing that I enjoyed the most was the journey. Cancun allowed me the opportunity to step away from all the chaos and madness of my everyday life and really focus on:

Choosing Joy

Whew Chile. When I tell you I left on one of the most stressful weeks. Everything just seemed busy and although there was no room on my plate things still kept piling up. Before stepping on vacation I really was operating in full stress mode, and didn’t know if I was going to be able to fully enjoy my time. But I had to remind myself…it will be there when you get back. Focus on you. Focus on the moment. Don’t stress. Choose Joy.

Cultivating Beauty

One thing about me, I’ve really hated taking pictures. It’s not the memories, I just always seem to find a flaw within the photo (or my eyes are closed which repeatedly happens). Oftentimes, I tend to make myself small and opt-out instead of striking a pose. I’ll offer to take it but never truly enjoyed the beauty of the other side of the camera. I’ve decided to be more intentional about getting the flick. Serve the looks. Cultivate beauty. Drop the insecurities. And If I do say so myself, I got some pretty bomb photos. 🔥

Celebrating God’s Creation

Do you ever just find yourself like…Wow God! This is INCREDIBLE. I found myself in awe of the pure beauty of Earth. Not only the scenic beauty but the experiential beauty. The beauty that God allowed me the opportunity to witness the journey and experience it. I never in a million years thought I would be cliff diving into a 98-foot deep lake. My trust in him allowed me to experience the beauty and face my fears. Daily, God continues to blow my mind.

Carefree.Intentional. Friendship

The older I get the more grateful I am for the friendships that I have within my life. This trip really served as a reminder of how awesome my friends are, and the importance of being intentional in my friendships. This trip came with so many memories and adventures. It also came with the opportunity to really just check in on one another. I realized I missed my friends. I missed the goofiness. I missed the carefree vibes. We were living our absolute best lives in Mexico. We didn’t care who was watching or about the persona of having a good time. We took moments to unplug and connect and because of that we genuinely did. I think this was extra special because I got to see my friends step outside their comfort zones and flourish. We pushed each other to be our best and in turn had the best time.


Reflecting on it now, this trip was exactly what I needed. It reminded me of the importance of taking a break and stepping away. It reminded me to prioritize peace. It reminded me to make room for friendship, but most importantly make room for me. It reminded me just how beautiful this thing called life truly is. The memories and lessons I gained from this trip will continue to be my guiding light.

–until next time in Cancun.

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